Established in 2021 during the global pandemic, Hunter's Flocks LLC (doing business as Flocks Shop) was founded with a sole purpose. To create and design a brand of socks that blend into you.

What made you create Flocks?

The concept was born from the sheer frustration of finding the perfect, neutral looking sock to accompany an outfit. Who wants to wear boring white or black or crazy colored socks with every outfit when your skin is the perfect accompaniment to anything you put on?

Why name them Flocks?

I didn't like the name Skocks, lol, but Flocks = Flesh toned socks or flesh socks. I also didn't like Fleshies either.

How did you pick the colors?

With the initial launch of the brand, I chose 7 skin tones I felt could represent anyone from the 7 continents in the world. Of course, this wasn't an exact science because there are multiple skin tones on each continent. Plus, all skin tones have under and over tones that can change your appearance in a certain light. But, I think I did a good job.

What's up with the Flocks' color names?

We didn't want to use some generic naming conventions, like colors or foods, to represent our brand. Instead, we used our travel interests and came up with the cool idea of using airport codes to name our socks.

What are the plans for the future?

For starters, watch as the brand grows. I would like to introduce more colors, sizes, cuts, and products to fully blend into you. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates!